1 EThe art of song interpretation ...

My life's work is about digging deep into myself to mine the experiences I've had and then bringing those experiences, those truths to a song.  I love the process of discovery.  And I love the joy of communicating through music.

And I really love sharing what I've learned with other students and singers.

My work as a teacher in New York and around the country includes private coaching, workshops and master classes in the art of performance and song interpretation.  Together with Eric Comstock, our workshop, SING THE TRUTH, has enriched the lives and music of hundreds of vocalists.  We have an ongoing relationship with the Musical Theatre department at University of Michigan, conducting a master workshop with the seniors.  We've also worked with the Michael Feinstein Songbook Initiative in Los Angeles, coaching and judging gifted high school students.  In St. Louis, we joined forces with pianist/arranger Rick Jensen and Broadway star Jason Graae in teaching a week-long intensive called The St. Louis Cabaret Converence.  And recently we began teaching the American Songbook at Sanford Meisner's legendary acting conservatory The Neighborhood Playhouse.

I do believe you become a more powerful person if you have music in your life.  And definitely happier!  Whether you're a professional singer or someone who just loves to sing, there is strength to be found and insights to be gained.  Let's take the trip together!  I'd love to hear from you -- feel free to write me HERE.